Tips to Kids for learning the alphabet in English

Certainly, in English you will find that the letters have different pronunciations depending on the position in which they are found within the word, where just by learning the alphabet you will be almost ready to read since the letters are always pronounced in the same way, you just have to take into account some variations. In English, this is not the case since the 26 letters can be expressed by almost 40 sounds, however, if it is very useful when we have to spell a word, or when we are going to read the acronym of an institution or company. Also when there are letters in some direction and similar cases.

So, as we have seen, knowing the alphabet in English is a fundamental step in being able to advance in learning the English language.

As we mentioned before, a good method is to learn with videos or by using word solvers. Whether you are taking an English course or not, it is important to take advantage of the tools that are available today.

Nowadays, there are many paid online courses with a private teacher with whom you can watch classes through video calls. However, this type of service is not free, but you have to pay an amount that usually ends up being quite a considerable sum because the teachers are specialists in the subject of teaching English.

However, just as these paid options exist, there are also many free alternatives, which are certainly not as complete as the previous ones, but nevertheless, they can help us to learn really elementary things, and then if we want to enter fully we can see the option of enrolling in an online course or face to face. Here we leave you with an excellent option that can be of great help to consolidate your knowledge in this subject.

The idea with this type of audiovisual content is that you listen carefully to the pronunciation proposed there and repeat it aloud as you listen. The best thing is that if you have any doubts about a certain part of the video, the only thing you have to do is repeat it and then listen to the pronunciation again so that we can learn it well and not forget it.

Tips for teaching English letters to children

As mentioned above, the way in which an infant is taught is very different from that used with an adult. When it comes to children, we must catch up with them and play with their powerful imagination such as games like scrabble go.

The animal alphabet

A good method is to make an animal alphabet, in which each letter is represented by an animal. In this sense, we can say that the A is represented by the alligator, and the letter B can be disguised as a bear. In the case of the letter c, we can draw the letter in the shape of Cat and so on as it appears in the image we left immediately above. You can simply make the figure of the letters in the shape of the corresponding animal and let the child take care of coloring it so that he or she can learn in this process, which is a lot of fun for the little ones in the house.

If you find it very hard to draw each letter in the shape of an animal so that the child can later fill them with color, what you can do to make things easier for you is simply to buy a poster or posters where the alphabet appears in English but accompanied by a representative image that begins with that letter.

This way the child will be able to remember the alphabet with the help of pictures. Keep in mind that before the age of 3, the child can be taught the first things in English without the help of their own native language. When they are over 3 years old, their language is their reference for learning things, therefore we must play with these things, and if you have a child who is not yet over this age you are in time to teach him English as if it were his mother tongue. As we have seen throughout this educational segment, there are many options available to us to learn and teach this knowledge in a very easy way. We only need to put them into practice daily, which is really important is that the learning is constant so that it lasts over time and not something that is soon forgotten.

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